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3D Lenticular Printing Services

3Dependable offers the following services that are related to 3D lenticular printing or stereography in general.

  1. High-Volume Lenticular Printing

    Through VICGI we will continue to serve the promotional industry on lenticular printing for products such as book covers, postcards, bookmarks, flyers, CD inserts, packaging covers, etc. Although 3D has always been our strength, you can also use lenticular printing with other effects such as flip, morph, zoom, etc.

  2. One-Off or Low-Volume Lenticular Printing

    As much as we want to encourage you to do the printing by yourself, we also understand managing a wide format printer may not be the interest of everyone. For this reason we also offer one-off and low volume printing. Without the economy of scale, the one-off and low-volume printing are suitable for thicker lens project such as posters, murals, landscapes and portraits, wedding/graduation/La Quinceañera photos, etc.

  3. 2D to 3D Conversion

    Equipped with knowledge in 3D, our engineers can convert your 2D pictures into 3D. The result of the conversion can be a stereo pair, a lenticular image sequence, a 3x3 9-view image for digital signage, an anaglyph, etc. While most companies in this industry brag about their automatic conversion technology, 3Dependable has a different view. All our 2D to 3D conversion is done by human. We do not believe machine is smarter than human and that is why the details of your image will not be overlooked.