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A Total Solution for 3D Lenticular Printing

Professional photographers, embellish your creative tool chest with dramatic, captivating 3D images with the latest lenticular printing technology.

Revolutionize your portrait and landscape business with 3DLensProZipper, a lenticular printing turnkey solution developed by 3Dependable Inc.

3DLensProZipper is a dual package which includes:

  1. 3Dependable Dolly -- a Motorized Slider Track, automating lenticular picture creation by synchronizing your camera with the dolly, and
  2. 3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer, custom interlacing software, blending images taken from 3Dependable Dolly into one dynamic 3D lenticular print.

3DLensProZipper brings diversity to your portfolio and adds high profit margin while minimizing your time and costs significantly.

What is 3D Lenticular Printing?

We see the world in 3D because of a phenomenon called binocular disparity; our left and right eyes see from slightly different angles.

To mimic the real world, lenticular prints use a plastic sheet of fine lenticules or lens and a special 2D interlaced photo to direct a slightly different image to each eye. The resulting print has amazing depth, viewed without the aid of special glasses etc.

Lenticular Printing -- The 3Dependable Way

If you have done lenticular printing before you should know how tedious it is to finish a project from the beginning to the end. Conservatively estimating it will take at least few hours on setting up the picture shooting, another few or even 10 hours on picture preparation and interlacing. But now, with the motorized 3D slider track, 3Dependable Dolly and the 3Dependable 3D Portrait Producer software all can be done in less than 15 minutes. Please watch the video and visit the tutorial page to verify our claim.