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About 3Dependable

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3Dependable is a spin-off company from Visual Creative Graphics Innovations (or ViCGI for short), a lenticular printing company in Silicon Valley. While working at ViCGI founders of 3Dependable found that the barrier to lenticular printing is the difficulty in creating the artwork. With backgrounds from research and development, CG Sheng and Isaac Cheung decided to develop a system that will lower the thredhold for anyone who want to make a 3D lenticular print. The patented product, 3DLensProZipper, is the result of years of experience in lenticular printing. It revolutionizes the way lenticular printing is done. Traditionally a typical lenticular project will need at least 30 man-hours. But now it can be done in just less than 15 minutes.

3Dependable has its own printing facility in San Jose, CA. We print posters, murals, and any wide format lenticular products in-house in our Silicon Valley plant.