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3Dependable Dolly for 3D Photography

As a recap here: The 3DLensProZipper consists of the 3Dependable Dolly and the 3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer software. They work hand in hand to facilitate the making of a 3D lenticular print.

The 3Dependable Dolly is a motorized slider track with builtin intelligence. By setting the moving speed and the number of pictures to be taken you can control the distance between two neighboring pictures, and hence the depth of the final 3D lenticular print.

Please watch the video to see a demo on how the 3Dependable Dolly works.

As you can see from the video, the distance between two neighboring pictures is primarily determined by the number of pictures to be taken. Once this number is set, ask yourself what speed you want to conduct the shooting. In the ideal case the faster the better because your subject will most likely not being able to hold the same posture for too long. But in reality you also need to consider other factors (or limitations). It is very often that your camera is not designed to capture picture at such fast speed. In that case you should consider lower the picture resolutions or increase the speed.